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Whether we use email to communicate with friends and family around the world, or utilizing the World Wide Web for shopping and research, the Internet is fast becoming the way to communicate in our everyday lives.  RSR Consulting offers you several ways to navigate the future of communication.


  • Internet Access
  • Training on the Ins and Outs of the World Wide Web
  • Website Design


Internet Access
Internet Access is the first step in conquering the Web.  As with the computer systems, RSR Consulting will research and recommend internet access and email service. 
Web Training
After you've established Internet Access, RSR Consulting will guide you through the first steps of surfing the World Wide Web.  We will show you how to utilize search engines and do basic research.  The best way to cope with new technology is to face it and surfing the Web is a good first step.
Website Design
As a further service to our clients, RSR Consulting offers website design.  We will design and help establish a site for your business on the fastest growing advertising medium in the world today.


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